The Rich Have Their Own Photographers
dir. by Ezra Bookstein
60 min.

A deeply inspirational
film about the life and artwork of America's premiere social documentary photographer.

In 1957, The Buffalo News declared Milton Rogovin "The Top Red in Buffalo" and his life was turned upside-down. Effectively, his political voice was silenced as society shunned him and his friends disappeared. In reality, he was an optometrist promoting workers' rights in the local unions and helping to register Black voters. But refusing to be intimidated or be silenced, he found a new political voice- a camera.

Through his prints, Rogovin was able to depict the extreme inequalities that exist and convey that message through beautiful works of art.

Though his entire collection is housed by both the Library of Congress and the Center for Creative Photography, his prints are his protests - and his only concern was the fight for social justice.